Social Media Audits - Why Your Nonprofit Needs One

Social Media Audit for Nonprofit.png

A social media audit involves a series of steps used to evaluate, organize, and optimize your business's social media profiles, presence, and strategies. The process involves a deep dive into your brands social media activity, engagement, and analytics. Any small business or nonprofit utilizing social media as a marketing tool should conduct an audit on a quarterly basis or when seeking to reach new goals.  Small businesses and nonprofits are often plagued by budget restraints, resulting in this important process often going untouched. A social media audit is useful in helping to understand which strategies may or may not be working. The audit will also help define goals, figure out the next steps, and understand what adjustments need to be made to your current strategy. 

More importantly, as social media continues to evolve, almost daily, it is vital to your brand to know how to best navigate these platforms to reach your digital marketing goals. Without conducting a social media audit it is difficult to know in which direction you should be taking your brand online. 

Upon conducting a social media audit your brand will be able to pin down the most effective strategies when it comes to implementing campaigns. Audits are also important in figuring out ways to streamline your social media strategies. For instance, if you're spending 2 hours a day engaging on Instagram and not seeing growth in followers, then there is something that needs to be adjusted in your social media strategy for Instagram. Because each platform is used differently but perspective audiences knowing where your brand stands in these spaces is vital to your growth. Your audience on Instagram will most likely differ from your audience on Twitter. A social media audit will help highlight these differences and pinpoint where adjustments need to be made. Specifically, for nonprofits developing a social media strategy is different because goals for nonprofits often focus on fundraising, awareness, and engagement. Rather than generating sales or conversions. The nuances make it especially important to understand how to navigate each platform differently. 

If the social media numbers for your nonprofit or small business are not matching your efforts then it is time to conduct a social media audit. A social media audit will help get your brand on the right track to meeting business goals. 


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