3 Important Steps to Help Develop Your Brand Voice

Developing a strong brand image through social media involves many aspects. From your brand logo to your tagline there are many things to consider. However, specifically for social media, your brand voice is probably one of the most important facets. Brand voice refers to WHO your brand is online. When you think of your brand voice, think of what personality does your brand have. This personality is your brand voice. 


Your brand voice will serve as the framework or foundation for generating content across social platforms. From blogging to tweeting your brand voice will speak to the personality of your brand. Being inconsistent will create difficulties with your social media strategy as well as create confusion among your audience. You want them to know who you are and what the message is that you are communicating. Communicating this message clearly and consistently is especially vital for Nonprofits and Small Businesses because there's generally a need for more engagement with their audiences to build awareness. 

There are several steps you can take to establish a clear and precise brand voice. 

Know Your Audience

Deep-dive into who your audience is and what they want to hear from you online. You can use analytics tools on Facebook and Twitter to get a general idea of this. Most importantly, you can use these tools to understand the psychographics of your target audience better. Insights on your audience can help your Nonprofit or Small Business understand how to develop content on these platforms. 


Once you've begun to understand who your target audience is and what they want you can start to define the personality of your brand, this can be done by choosing words that describe who your brand is. In doing this you will be able to get clear on who your brand is and who your brand is not. These words may also extend into visual aspects of you brand. For example, if your brand is "dominant" or "serious," you will choose typography across your branding that exemplifies these qualities. 

Know Your Brand's Competitive Market

Get a clear understanding of where your brand stands in your competitive market. A competitive analysis will help you distinguish yourself from other brands. Take a look at how they're communicating across platforms and decide how your tone and personality will differ from theirs. Doing this will also give you a deeper understating of what is working in your industry and what is not. 

After you've done these steps, you can begin by deciding how you address your brand voice. Social media is often more about how you're communicating more than what you're communicating. Ultimately, developing your brand voice will take time but is necessary to set your Nonprofit or Small Business apart from others in your market. The steps listed above are a high starting point for making an impact through social media for your brand. If you are struggling to develop a clear brand voice, you can find out more about the brand voice services here