3 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

Social Media is a great marketing tool whether you're a Nonprofit or small business. Specifically, for Nonprofits, it is a great place to raise awareness for your cause and continue to create change where it is most important. However, with everchanging algorithms and new platforms popping up almost every day it has become a challenge to keep your causes at the top of your audiences newsfeeds.

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Just like any other marketing strategy goals should always be at the forefront of your social media strategy. So whether you're a small business or Nonprofit begin by setting goals and knowing what the purpose of your strategy is. 

What Role Does Social Play

When trying to figure out a social media strategy for your Nonprofit or small business, you must first decide what role social media is going to play your communications and marketing strategy. Social media goes far beyond Facebook and Twitter so there must be an understanding of how you will be using social media to tie back to your brands core messaging. Figuring out what role social will play means figuring out how all content will also connect to your overall digital marketing strategy. Content created for social networks should be able to connect directly to messaging on your websites, email marketing efforts, and other content your brand is sharing online.

Engage in Conversation 

Engagement plays a significant role in setting a social media strategy. Generating conversation is especially important for Nonprofits to raise awareness for the causes and messages they are communicating. Social media is a great place to convey powerful messages for your Nonprofits purpose. People use social media as a place to express their values so naturally, this is a great place to get people involved in conversations surrounding your Nonprofits causes. Engagement can also be used as a great tool to understand what your audience wants to hear and see from you as a brand. Some great and easy ways to generate engagement is to get involved in conversations that are happening already related to your Nonprofits cause. When you engage with your audience, there is a trust and connection built between the brand.

Focus on Content

Focus on creating a content strategy that communicates the message or causes your small business, or Nonprofit represents. To do this, you should focus on storytelling that is connected and consistent across all social platforms. You should gather insights on your audiences by pinpointing what content gets your audience the most engaged. To gather audience insights, you might want to conduct a Social Media Audit; the audit will help analyze your brand's social media presence. After conducting an audit, your next steps will be do diced what types of content you want to share. Sharable content includes anyting from pictures, articles, to text. Most importantly you should be sure that this content connects directly back to your brands core messaging. Even more importanly the content should be able to lead your audience to your Nonprofit or small businesses website. The main purpose of a social media strategy is to use it as a tool to generate awareness and seek leads for your brand. 

Ultimately, your social media strategy should always keep three things at the forefront, engagement, content, and measurement. This foundation will ensure that your social media strategy is always evolving with trends in the best ways to reach business goals.