3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

  1. Storytelling Sells

    You want your audience to feel connected to your brand. In order to achieve this storytelling is key to building an effective social media strategy. More importantly, people are tired of feeling like they're being sold to. You don't want your social media approach to come off as spam or to sales “pitchy.”

    Audiences view storytelling as positive and relatable. So tell the story of your brand, who is your brand, and how does your audience relate to your brand.

    Making these adjustments to your strategy will give your posts a better chance with algorithms and they'll be more likely to receive engagement and show up on your audiences feed, which is what you really want!

  2. Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose!

    Your best content is your best content for a reason. But more importantly, with ever changing algorithms brands have to keep their timelines full of content.

    Repurposing your best content will save you time and ensure that you remain relevant and seen by your audience.

    An example of repurposing could be taking quotes from blog posts and turning them into images for Instagram or using data from a case study to drive conversation on Twitter.

  3. Be careful with linking

    Some social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are making changes to decrease the amount of “engagement bait” many brands use to cheat algorithms.

    Reduce the amount of linking you do back to your site on platforms to ensure that they aren’t ruled out by the algorithm.