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Social Media Audits - Why Your Nonprofit Needs One

As small businesses and nonprofits are often plagued by budget restraints this important process often goes untouched. Without conducting a social media audit it is difficult to know in which direction you should be taking your brand online. A social media audit is useful in helping to understand which strategies may or may not be working.

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3 Important Steps to Help Develop Your Brand Voice

Developing a strong brand image through social media involves many aspects. From your brand logo to your tagline there are many things to consider. However, specifically for social media, your brand voice is probably one of the most important facets. Brand voice refers to WHO your brand is online. When you think of your brand voice, think of what personality does your brand have. This personality is your brand voice. 

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3 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

Social Media is a great marketing tool whether you're a Nonprofit or small business. Specifically, for Nonprofits, it is a great place to raise awareness for your cause and continue to create change where it is most important. However, with everchanging algorithms and new platforms popping up almost every day it has become a challenge to keep your causes at the top of your audiences newsfeeds.

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